“Fun in the sun for everyone”

Hillcrest Village Soccer Club

FAQ   -   Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Club’s Philosophy?


Hillcrest Soccer embraces the principles of having fun, respecting cultural diversity, safe and fair play, sportsmanship, making friends and equal playing time.  We constantly remind our coaches and volunteers of this and expect them to observe these guidelines.



What if we have a problem during the season?


Hillcrest Village Soccer Club follows the rules and guidelines as set down by our membership and as such has a distinct conflict resolution policy.  We first ask that a “24 hour” rule is observed.  Often times what seemed to be “earth shattering” at night may be relatively minor by the morning.  Sometimes words said in anger can be more of a problem than the issue itself, so we ask that, where appropriate, you wait until the next day to address it.  If the issue is regarding the player’s coach, fellow players or team in general, please speak with the coach first, where possible.  If this is not possible, no resolution is forthcoming or the issue is with the Club itself, then please e-mail our Vice-President (vpres@hillcrestvillagesoccer.com) with the details for follow up.  If no resolution is found, you may then request a formal hearing with our Board of Directors (board@hillcrestvillagesoccer.com) to present your case.  Please note that a fee is involved for appeals to the Board of Directors of Hillcrest.  The fee is refunded if the appeal is upheld.


  What is the cost to play in 2023?  What do I receive?

The cost to play House League soccer with Hillcrest is $200 per player up to October 01, 2022 and $250 afterwards.  The cost to play Rep soccer with the Hurricanes is $450 per player.  There will be an additional fee per Rep player to cover individual team expenses such as tournaments or if the team wants items such as bags, track suits etc.

Each registered player is supplied a complete uniform (jersey, shorts and socks), plays in scheduled league exhibition, regular season and playoff games and an individual award. Additional items covered in the payment are coach and player clinics, field rental costs, accident insurance, referee costs, uniform and equipment costs and club administration.


When does the season start & end?  How long are games?  When do they play?

The house league season starts Monday May 15.  Not all teams will play the first week.  Schedules will be posted on our website the first week of May.  You will receive an e-mail from your child’s volunteer coach the last week of April.  There is one game per week during that time period.  Game times and nights vary depending on the age group.  The 2023 soccer season ends with playoffs on  Sat. Sept. 09 and Sun. Sept. 10.


Besides games, does the Club schedule practices?

Practice times and locations are determined by the Coaches in consultation with the parents at the beginning of the season.  Hillcrest will hold player development clinics during the season at dates to be announced.


Who coaches the teams and how can I become one?

For each team there must be a volunteer Head Coach and up to a maximum of 3 Assistant Coaches. In most cases, we rely upon parent-volunteers for coaching. The majority of Coaches have little or no previous experience in soccer or in coaching when they start. A positive attitude and good parenting skills are the most important requirements. The technicalities of the game can be learned and our trained referees keep the games within the rules. If you have never coached but wish to start, we recommend that you volunteer as an Assistant Coach for the first year to “get your feet wet”. To volunteer as a coach or assistant coach, please e-mail: vpres@hillcrestvillagesoccer.com


What if I sign up to play and have to withdraw during the season?

If for any reason you need to withdraw during the season, you must notify the Board in writing. If you withdraw before May 01, you will receive a refund of the amount paid minus the processing fee of $50.00 and the credit card processing fee if any. After that date no refunds will be made except in the case of a player who is unable to participate for medical reasons or for unique compassionate reasons.


What do I need to play soccer?  What should I wear for the first game?

Each player requires a pair of soccer shoes and shin pads (which are mandatory) to play. This equipment can be purchased at most major retailers.  Players must also bring a refillable bottle of water to each game. It is extremely important to keep players hydrated especially in the hot summer months. Please note that there is to be NO sharing of water bottles. Each player must have their own. As uniforms will not be available until early June, players should dress in a T-shirt, shorts and soccer shoes for the first few games. Hats and jewelry are not permitted. Special consideration may be made for medical reasons.  Religious head gear that does not pose a safety issue will be permitted. Uniforms must be worn properly for all games - shirts must be tucked into the player's shorts and sleeves may not be rolled under. Uniforms are issued by size, not by favourite number.


How are team assignments made and why can’t I play with my friends?

All players must play in their designated division and are assigned to teams at the discretion of the Club.  Coach’s and Sponsor’s children are automatically assigned to the parent's team.  Players are automatically placed on the same team as their sibling IF THEY ARE IN THE SAME DIVISION (unless you have specifically requested otherwise in the Registration Form).

A great deal of effort is taken by the Club to form teams that are balanced for player skills, age, and gender in order to provide a healthy recreational competitive environment.  To ensure a degree of competitive balance, the Club may transfer players between teams entirely at it’s own discretion.  In past years when the club was smaller we did our best to accommodate special requests from players to be placed on the same team with friends for companionship or carpooling.  Unfortunately it has now become administratively impossible to juggle all the variables of skills, gender, age, Coach and sponsor children etc. in forming skill-balanced competitive teams at the same time as accommodating special requests (we reached the point where almost half of the applicants had special requests).

Players usually form new friendships very quickly on their teams. Coaches have Team Rosters showing the names, phones and addresses of the team from which you can certainly find somebody to carpool with if necessary. The opportunity to meet new friends adds to the soccer experience.


What’s the difference between House League and Rep?

The House league system is based on league play to introduce children to soccer and the necessary skill sets based on the fundamental principle of equal playing time for ALL players regardless of skill level.

The Rep Program is a separate system which recognizes highly skilled players in the House League divisions. Playing time at this level is based on skill level. Rep team play often includes tournaments hosted by other Clubs. A Rep player may choose to play in both the House League as well as in the Rep Program or just the Rep Program. Players interested in trying out for the Rep Program should indicate this on their registration form. The Rep Program usually begins in April and will be publicized on our website. All players who are interested in playing Rep Soccer must initially register with the House League. If a player is successful in making a Rep team, the difference between the house league fee and the Rep fee will be due. If a player wishes to play both house league AND Rep, they must pay for both.


Where are the playing fields located?

All games are played at McNicoll Park, located on the south/east corner of Don Mills Rd. and McNicoll Ave.


Is it OK to drop off players and pick them up after the game?

NO!  It is extremely important that at least one parent/guardian attends each game. There is always the possibility of player injury as well as poor weather arising during the game. Coaches, league officials and Board members are not trained, empowered or obligated to take measures should anything happen to a player in the absence of a parent/guardian, and cannot be held liable if such an incident takes place.


What is the weather policy?  What if it rains?  What if it is too hot to play?

All games will be played even if it is raining. Games will be immediately stopped if lightning is occurring. Games stopped for lightning are immediately cancelled and cannot be rescheduled due to field limitations. Results will only count if 3/4 or more of the game has been played. On days when the humidex reading exceeds 42 degrees games may be cancelled. Members of the Board monitor weather conditions on game days when extremely hot weather is forecast. A decision is made by 4:30 pm on game days and posted on the website by 5:00 pm whether games will be cancelled for that evening. Coaches are then immediately notified to contact players. We advise that you check our web site for game cancellations before heading to the field.


Can students volunteer towards their community service commitment?

Yes!  Hillcrest Village Soccer offers opportunities for students to fulfill their volunteer commitments by serving as assistant coaches on teams and helping out at special events. The Club depends on volunteers for many of the key activities. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail us.


Do the U-04, 05, 06 groups play full soccer?

The Under 4, 5 and 6 groups participate in a specialized program utilizing games such as “red light, green light” to develop participation, listening, following direction and cooperation skills.  They are taught basic ball handling and simple soccer concepts and play “six a side” soccer.  They play on an approximate half-size field using small portable nets.  Emphasis is on fun and learning very basic soccer skills.


How can I become a team sponsor?

To sponsor a team, please e-mail: sponsorships@hillcrestvillagesoccer.com

For more information, please e-mail us at board@hillcrestvillagesoccer.com